Bill Cosby: What’s Not to Believe?

There’s a lot of controversy over whether Bill Cosby really drugged and raped the approximately 26 women that have come forward so far. I don’t get it. Some people go so far as to suggest it’s made up by these women. Given supportive information and statistics about rape victims this is highly unlikely… More

Robin Williams: A New Legacy

I’ve heard many people talk about how the death of Robin Williams (in August) impacted them deeply, as it did me. In addition to being a funny and personable man, he touched a lot of people in different ways. His loss is still very sad. However, pain doesn’t have to be his only legacy…More


How to Cope With Self-Doubt

“Our doubts…make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” ― William Shakespeare

Many of us are doubtful at times. A little doubt can be helpful when it comes to making decisions that can have a negative impact on us. However, constantly doubting yourself or not trusting your judgment can rob you from a more fulfilling life. More

How to Ease Your Anxiety

Recently, a young woman I’d never met before approached me, asking if I’ve ever suffered from anxiety, and we had a meaningful exchange about her struggles with this problem, and sadly, the lack of support she received from her loved ones, including demeaning comments, such as being told she was acting like a child… More

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